Birthdays - You are welcome to send in a non - edible treat (a new pencil, eraser, or a Dollar Store trinket). Thank you.

Transportation - Please send in a note if there is any change. Thank you.

Homework - Homework will be assigned Monday - Thursday nights and will cover material that has already been covered in class. Please click on the homework page for nightly assignments.

Report Cards - Report cards will be given at the close of the first trimester during the Parent/Teacher conference. Your child will bring the report home at the close of the second and third trimesters. The Archdiocesan Grading Scale is as follows:
97 - 100 Outstanding
91 -96 Very Good Progress
84 - 90 Good Progress
77 - 83 Sufficient Progress
72 - 76 Improvement in Progress Needed

Below 70 Unsatisfactory Progress

Behavior - I will make a notation in your child's homework book, if there is a behavioral or homework problem during the school day. Please sign the notice and I will check the following day. If a serious problem arises I will send you an email. We also use a behavior calendar each day and you will need to sign this every night. Thank you.